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We're #1 In The Pet Waste Management Industry!

We are Pawhuddle, and we love furry-friend families!

We're number one in the pet waste management industry for a few good reasons! We understand the value of your time. the last thing you want to do With Your Precious Time is cleanup dog poop in the yard, or Have to deal with the bad odors. Well, you don’t have to! We’ll visit your residence as often as you want us to, to collect, remove, haul away the pet waste, and deodorize your yard, so that you can enjoy your free time.

The best service we provide is customer service and a great family like experience. From signup to service, you'll love our professional and discreet approach! Our customer support is simple, honest, and effective: We communicate via email, phone, and text messaging. Even though our customers prefer texting and e-mailing, we always return calls, and you can always count on our service. All of our technicians are well trained, and every scheduled service is monitored by GPS. And, as part of our excellent service, we always text our customers when we're around.

We are professional, discreet, service-driven, and local. You don’t have to be around for us to provide our service. You will know we were there when you come home to a waste-free zone. And, if you want us to, we can also deodorize your yard.

When our customers think about the health and happiness of their fur-families, the service that we provide is essential. We abide by OSHA and EPA safety standards, and are trained and certified in managing, removing, transporting, and disposing of pet waste (solid waste). The products we use in our customers’ yards are always safe; eco-friendly and non-toxic. 

We are your neighborhood-friendly pet poop-scooper.

We love Doggies!

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